Inkcarceration wraps up 3 Days of Epic Music and Tattoos at Shawshank Redemption Film Location

Tucked away in “Middle Earth”, otherwise known as Mansfield, Ohio, is the historic and infamous film location for the movie ‘Shawshank Redemption’ (and recently several ghost hunting shows).  On July 13th (Friday the 13th!), 14th, & 15th, it was also home to some of the biggest names in  Music, tattooing, and the HellzaPoppin freak show.


Hellzapoppin at Inkcarceration 2018The engergy from the fans and bands was one of awe, excitement, and could only be fueled by the festival fever that many music fans possess. The 3 day weekend music line up included DevilDriver (look for our interview with lead vocalist Dez Fafara coming soon),


DevilDriver’s Dez Fafara with Mischievous Mel at Inkcarceration

Of Mice & Men (look for our interview with Valentino coming soon),

Of Mice & Men

Mischievous Mel with Valentino from Of Mice & Men

Rise Against (who headlined Friday the 13th),

Rise Against

Rise Against at Inkcarceration

Bush (who headlined day 2 of Inkcarceration and who we covered twice in three days at Rock USA & Inkcarceration),


Bush at Inkcarceration

Adelitas Way,

Adelitas Way

Adelitas Way at Inkcarceration

Akadia (Guy – bassist for Akadia pictured on the right, shortly after getting his “Steam Punk Skeleton” cover up tattoo by artist Wave Judd on left),


Wave Judd (L) and Guy (R) at Inkcarceration

A Day To Remember,


A Day to Remember performing at Inkcarceration 2018

Hatebreed (with Shawshank serving as part of their backdrop),


Hatebreed at Inkcarceration



Clutch at Inkcarceration

Living Colour,

Living Colour

Living Colour at Inkcarceration 2018

Our Lady Of Peace (look for our interview coming soon),

Our Lady Peace

Mischievous Mel and members of Our Lady Peace at Inkcarceration 2018



Lit at Inkcarceration 2018

Corrosion of Conformity,


Corrosion of Conformity at Inkcarceration

Soil (with the prison serving as the backdrop),,


Soil at Inkcarceration 2018

Bad Omens (who we saw at both Rock USA in Oshkosh, WI and Inkcarceration on consecutive days),

Bad Omens

Bad Omens at Inkcarceration



SEVENDUST at Inkcarceration 2018

and Black Label Society (who headlined Sunday night July 15th) were among the bands that took the stage at Inkcarceration.

Black Label Society

BLS at Inkcarceration 2018

Now set that soundtrack to the visual of one of the most impressive and historic prisons around today. Tour the cells,


Shawshank cell block

tour the grounds,

Inkcarceration 2018

Inkcarceration 2018 grounds

and as you walk through you can feel the presence of the ghosts of past.


Shawshank Redemption filmed here

If you look out the back windows you can see (but not photograph or video) the felons in the yard of the active prison located directly behind the former. It is spooky beyond words.

For the fans that came out to get inked, they were fortunate to get a prison tattoo done by a pro. That is right – inside the prison, artists set up and went to inking all those who were ready for one of the most surreal ink experiences ever. Don’t worry – there was no pens, toilet water, paperclips, or rubber bands used to tattoo you. These prison tattoos were done by masters of the craft like Wave Judd who took a quick 2 hours out of his day to tattoo bass player Guy from Akadia. You can see footage of that at tattoo.com taken by Rockwell Anderson and Mischievous Mel.  Other artists included Caleb Neff (brother of Ryan Neff, bassist for Miss May I) whose badass work earned him a first-place trophy and 3rd place plaque.

One of the two tattoo rooms inside Shawshank Redemption at Inkcarceration 2018


Inkcarceration is a must from top to bottom. From the ghostly and macabre to the epic music and tattoo artists, this festival has a bit of something for all of us.  Personally, we can’t wait for Inkcarceration 2019!!!

Shawshank Redemption – home of Inkcarceration

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