5 Fool Proof Direct Mail Marketing Tips For Tattoo Shops

Don’t let the digital world intimidate you. Direct mail marketing continues to be an effective marketing tool especially for local¬†businesses like a tattoo shop.

The tattoo industry generates approximately 50 billion dollars a year and you should put your best effort forward in all marketing channels to get a piece of that pie.

One of these channels and techniques is Direct mail marketing, which can be beneficial to growing your tattoo business.

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing is

“A marketing effort that uses a mail service to deliver a promotional printed piece to your target audience. “

Where do we start? It’s simpler than you imagine.

Tip #1: Target Your Ideal Customer

There happens to be a multitude of ways to target your ideal customer.

Let’s narrow it down:

What does your ideal customer look like?

Are they predominately single males or married women with children?

Are they between the ages of 18-34? Are they homeowners?

Pinpointing and understanding these basic demographics will boost your chances of finding whom you would like to have as an ideal customer.

Try not to spread yourself too thin.

Tip#2: Choose a Mailing List

The better the list data, the better the response.

Keep in mind; the right mailing list will contain your most valuable prospects.

Do you need help with finding the right list?

We have got you covered. We recommend offers high-quality data to help your local business boost your direct mail marketing campaign.

Did you know?

According to USPS, 87% of millennials enjoy receiving direct mail. Offline interactions have become more meaningful than ever.

Tip #3: Quality and Creativity

Let your creativity flow through your marketing campaigns. Use some inspiration from your work to make your marketing stand out.

Think of ways to catch and keep your prospects attention.

Be bold and stand out.

Incorporate images of your shop and the highlights of your business.

Pro Tip: Bigger postcards, brochures, letters, etc. receive more feedback than smaller cards. Go big or go home.

Tip #4: Test the Waters

This is one of the most common mistakes local tattoo businesses overlook when running their initial direct mail marketing campaign.

Testing against a smaller market can determine the rate of your businesses return.

By doing this, you will save time, effort, and extra $$ in the long run.

Tip #5: Learn From Your Mistakes

Regardless of the results, every marketing venture is ultimately a learning experience.

Expect to receive and take constructive criticism well.

Keeping previous results in mind can only help improve your next campaign.

Refer to this great infographic:

Our friends from ListGiant created this helpful infographic to show you the 5 benefits of direct mail that will help increase your sales, customers, and revenue. Share this resource with your friends and family to help improve their businesses as well.

Also, remember direct mail is just one offline marketing channel. Be sure to also implement other digital marketing channels into your business including social media channels, SEO, online advertising, video, messenger and more.

When you simultaneously target the same people on multiple channels you get a higher response rate and more potential customers will engage with your business.

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