Launches 9 New Online Tattoo Competitions to Kick Off October

The “first-of-its-kind” Tattoo Awards platform is releasing nine exclusive new online tattoo competitions in the month of October, offering today’s best tattoo artists a new way to win money, prizes and awards, grow marketing channels, and show off their best tattoos in a new kind of tattoo viewing experience.

By creating a profile and participating in Tattoo Awards’ online tattoo competitions, tattoo artists and collectors can grow their digital marketing presence, win cash and prizes, get their names and artwork ranked highly on search engines like Google, plus enjoy a new and fun way to interact with current and potential clients!

Tattoo Awards is the latest venture of Salt Lake City, Utah-based tattoo startup TatTech LLC, and features a sophisticated tattoo-artist ranking and public-voting system, powered by proprietary algorithm built in-house by TatTech. The platform connects tattoo collectors, tattoo artistsevent organizers, and international sponsors so they can support their favorite tattoo artists (in the form of votes, sponsorships, and more) and keep up on the latest-and-greatest in tattoo art. It’s also worth noting that Tattoo Awards is the only organization worldwide that ranks and keeps a tally of tattoo competition winners across the world.

How does Tattoo Awards work?

• Tattoo Awards takes winner data from dozens of live tattoo competitions all over the world and combines them to create the Artist Cup Leaderboard. The Artist Cup annually awards $10,000 in cash, plus sponsored prizes to the best traveling/competing tattoo artists in the world. Not only that, but it gives busy traveling tattoo artists a digital platform to showcase their artwork to the world with minimal effort on their part.

• Tattoo Awards also hosts an annual People’s Choice Tattoo Competition. In this competition, the tattoo artist with the most votes on their tattoos across every competition on the entire site receive a $10,000 cash prize + the title of People’s Choice Tattoo Artist, which includes a free ultra high-quality video spot highlighting the winning artist.

• This October, Tattoo Awards is hosting nine unique online competitions designed to highlight the most-talented tattoo artists in the game. Tattoo Awards then optimizes this content and circulates it through their digital marketing channels, channeling valuable digital exposure to both tattoo event organizers and tattooists and their works of art.

“As a small-town tattoo artist, Tattoo Awards has been a catalyst in getting my name out there and helping me to achieve things I didn’t believe possible due to my location,”

said Danny Belden, tattoo artist and owner of Twistid Ink in Inverness, FL. “In addition to tracking my winnings at conventions, it gives me the ability to share my profile with prospective clients and show them my wins outside of our area. It has been great for helping to build my social profiles as well! Now, when looking to book conventions — I check the Tattoo Awards site to see their participating events!”

“What Tattoo Awards is doing is an effort to support tattoo artists and showcase their tattoo artwork to the world in a way that hasn’t been done before – to help the public-at-large realize that, right now, tattooing is a rapidly growing industry that’s bursting at the seams with raw talent,”

explained Dr. Carl Blasphemy, spokesperson and general manager of Villain Arts Tattoo Conventions. “Tattoo Awards provides tattoo artists and tattoo events the international digital exposure that they deserve.”

You can meet Dr. Blasphemy, Danny, Tattoo Awards and dozens of other award-winning tattoo artists at Villain Arts’ upcoming Tampa & Ft. Lauderdale Tattoo Arts Conventions.

Join the Tattoo Awards community today!

Tattoo Artists:

Create a profile today! You may have unclaimed leaderboard points you’ve previously won in the year.

Tattoo Event Organizers:

If you agree to provide us with the tattoo competition information for your event, we’ll give your event its own ad space on our website for free!

Tattoo Awards is currently seeking sponsorship opportunities!

For all sponsorship and media-related inquiries, please contact

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