The countless meanings of rose tattoos

From passionate devotion to blind jealousy, but also honesty, energy, admiration and even deceit. There seems to be no end to the symbolic meanings of your floral tattoos!

One of the most popular and widespread flowers in the world has to be the red rose, one of the ultimate symbols of romance and love.

This marvel of nature, practically perfect in its shape, stands above all for beauty and charm. It is no coincidence that it is associated with Venus, the Roman goddess of love.

Nato, Ship Shape Tattoo, Orewa, New Zealand
Nato, Ship Shape Tattoo, Orewa, New Zealand

Legend has it that, when the world was young, all roses were white. One day, however, Venus stumbled upon a white rose bush while she was hurrying towards one of her frequent love trysts. The goddess pricked her foot on the thorns and bled on the roses which since then have been a vivid red colour.

Another legend tells how Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty, fell madly in love with a handsome young hunter by the name of Adonis. One day, Adonis was attacked and mortally wounded by a boar he had been tracking

On hearing the news, Aphrodite rushed to be by his side but on her way, hurt herself in a thicket of brambles which she stained with her blood. Red roses immediately bloomed on the bush, and Zeus, moved by the plight of the goddess, allowed Adonis to live for a while longer. In this case, the red rose symbolises rebirth and the triumph of love over death.

Debora Cherrys, La Mujer Barbuda, Getafe, Spain
Debora Cherrys, La Mujer Barbuda, Getafe, Spain

Other cousins worthy of mention naturally include those roses which are white (for purity and virginity, yellow (a symbol of jealousy), orange (pure energy), pink (happiness and admiration of someone) and the blue rose which, as everybody knows, does not exist in nature, but is produced in greenhouses using artificial colours. And what does it stand for? From a positive perspective it represents honesty and faith, but otherwise it symbolises falsehood and deceit.

Now you have all you need to know when you decide to get yourself a nice rose tattoo. But seeing as how you have read this far, why not take a look at our gallery?

Daniels Bauti Balle, Holy Hand Art, Palma De Maiorca, Spain Paul Terry, As Bold Street Tattoo, Warrington, UK Gianni Orlandini, Luxury Tattoo, Grosseto, Italy Dennis Bebenroth, Sorry Mom Tattoo, Braunschweig, Germany Cedric Weber, Greyhound Tattoo, Essen, Germany Rostra, Private Studio, Moscow, Russia Fernando Bisceglia, Forever Tattoo, Puerto De Sagunto, Spain Augis Augulis, Augis Tattoo, Telsiai, Lithuania Emanuel Oliveira, Sublime Villa Tattoo Club, Aveira, Portugal Par Norde, Infamous Tattoo Studio, Stockholm, Sweden Eva Schatz, Mint Club Tattoo, Salzburg, Austria Angel Reynosa, Full Circle Tattoo, San Diego, USA Mike Stockings, Legacy Tattoo, Haverhill, UK Roza, Sake Tattoo Studio, Athens, Greece

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