Freddie Mercury tattoos and all you need to know about the film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

The movie about the rise to fame of Queen in the annals of rock is actually a film about family. Brian May says, “Malek inhabits Freddie”.

Will there be a sequel to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, the enormous blockbuster on the first fifteen years in the career of the legendary Queen? When asked about it, guitarist Brian May, seemed to think it’s not such a far-fetched idea. But maybe it was just a throwaway remark. “Who knows? Maybe some time in the future we might come out with a second part…”, joked the curly-haired musician, now seventy-one years of age, when speaking to the British media.

Erika James Heckman, Incognito Tattoo Studio, Greencastle, USA
Erika James Heckman, Incognito Tattoo Studio, Greencastle, USA

The suspicion had occurred to more than one journalist when it was leaked that the hit movie should not have finished with its faithful reproduction of the historic live performance of Queen at Live Aid in London on 13th July 1985, but the period post Freddie Mercury. Including his tragic death from AIDS (on 24th November 1991) which should have occurred halfway through the film.

“Yes,” confirms May, “there was someone, who shall be nameless, who said we came up with that idea during the screenwriting phase: “They’re going to portray Freddie dying in the middle of the movie, and then the rest is going to be about life without Freddie. But there was never any question of it. It would have been utter nonsenses. The film is all about Freddie and the closing shots of Live Aid are the perfect culmination”.

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When asked about the choice of actor to play Mercury (the American with Egyptian roots Rami Malek who replaced the far better known but reluctant Sacha Baron Cohen), the guitarist from Hampton (a suburb of London) didn’t mince his words: “Sacha never took it really seriously, and at the end of the day, I think it was much better that way. Let’s say disaster was averted!”. And what about Malek? “Well, with the arrival of Rami there was an amazing feeling on the set and together we made something which, even looking at it hundreds of times, still gets me, stirring up emotions like joy, horror and sadness”.

One thing that’s certain, according to May, is that ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ may be a great rock biopic, but it is also a film about “all the stuff that happens in a family: some good, some bad, the going away, the search for independence, the nurturing in a normal family. Let’s say the film is about all that stuff, but then it’s also about Freddie’s emerging talent, his amazing resilience and his sense of humour”. It sent shivers up the spines of all the journalists in the room.

Steve Butcher, On The Road, Orewa, New Zealand
Steve Butcher, On The Road, Orewa, New Zealand

The moral of the story, adds Brian May, is that the extraordinary ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ tells us all sorts of things about the imperfect legend that is Freddie Mercury: “He was such an unusual talent in the music business and here, believe me, you get a chance to see it all. Not in a gratuitous way. It’s not meant to be messy and licentious, and I think that was a good decision to tell you a bit more about our dear, unforgettable Freddie.

So sit back and enjoy the movie and our gallery of tattoos inspired by the genius of Farrokh Bulsara, or, as he is simply known to his fans, Freddie Mercury. Profession: rock star.

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