Spanish Tattoo Yearbook 2018: on newsstands now!

Don’t miss the chance to buy the Spanish Tattoo Yearbook 2018: the most complete tattoo guide in Spain is still on newsstands for just a few days.

Victor Chil, Family Art Tattoo, Barcelona Miguel Bohigues, V-Tattoo, Aldaya Robert Hernandez, Tattoo Vittamin, Madrid Raquel Escudero, Tattoo Freaks', Castelldefels Debora Cherrys, La Mujer Barbuda, Getafe Joako, Human Fly Studio, Madrid Daniels Bauti, Holy Hand Tattoo, Palma de Mallorca Fernando Bisceglia, Forever Tattoo, Puerto de Sagunto Daniel Martos, Demon Tattoo, La Seu d' Urgell Pablo Lillo, Blue Cat, Barcelona Sergio Salas y Borja Okami, Wanted Tattoo, Mollet del Valles

The Spanish Yearbook is a reference for tattoo lovers and tattoo artists, where you can find inspirations and ideas, but also hundreds of tattoos and contacts throughout Spain.

If you are a tattooist and want to participate in the next edition, write to:

Spanish Tattoo Artists Yearbook 2018

Victor Chill Tattoo Le Tatuage de Laura Juan Rostro Tattoo Studio Cosa Fina Tattoo
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