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One of the most easily identifiable graphic styles with symbolism and imagery drawn from a hotchpotch of Europe, the United States and South America. This is the Europe of the Christian faith with its faces of doleful Madonnas and the Cross; the United States with the dollar bill, roaring engines and California dreaming; the South America of Lettering, street gangs and backgrounds full of allusions to ancient Pre-Colombian civilizations.

Antonio Macko Todisco, Macko Tattoo Shops, Monopoli, Italy
Antonio Macko Todisco, Macko Tattoo Shops, Monopoli, Italy

And then there is Katrina, the mysterious, disquieting face of Mexican tradition. Fine line is the outline of choice and black is the only colour acceptable for communicating these stories. And above it all, the hand of destiny with its associations with fate and games of chance represented by card games, clowns and especially jokers, a warning to us all to live life to the full, always ready to get back on our feet again no matter what way the dice fall.

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Miguel Ochoa, Private Studio, Orange County, USA David Vega, Devotion Studios, Austin, USA Ivano Natale, Thy Gallery Studios, Pozzuoli, Italy Vetoe, Black Label Art Co, Los Angeles, USA Jun Cha, Monarc Studios, Los Angeles, USA Eric Marcinizyn, On the Road, Los Angeles, USA Jose Lopez, Lowrider Tattoo Studio, Fountain Valley, USA Mr. Cartoon Placaso, Private Studio, Los Angeles, USA Chuco Moreno, On The Road, Sacramento, USA
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