Tattoo Gallery: Realistic

For realistic tattoo in particular, the skin becomes a true canvas! The tattoo gun with its ink and needles takes the place of pencils and watercolours, tempera and oils, creating images that seem to live and breathe.

Even the terminology used in this style brings the fine arts to mind: colour palette, chiaroscuro, highlights, three-dimensionality and trompe l’oeil are among the words used to describe the tattoos in this gallery. Portraits of celebrities and ordinary people, famous scenes from movies, smouldering eyes, details of animal fur and the carapace of insects all appear in these pages, a testimony to the undisputed talent of the artists.

See our choice for you and find your favourite realistic tattoo!

Michael Taguet, Private Studio, Saint-Chamond, France Adry Sanchez, La Pinta Tattoo, Madrid, Spain David Vega, Devotion Studios, Austin, USA Thomas Carli Jarlier, Noire Ink Tattoo, Clermont-Ferrand, France Matteo Pasqualin, The Inkers Tattoo Shop, Porto-Viro, Italy Matt Jordan, Ship Shape Tattoo, Orewa, New Zealand Valentina Riabova, On The Road, Saint Petersburg, Russia Steve Butcher, On The Road, Orewa, New Zealand Yomico Moreno, Last Rites Tattoo, New York, USA Remis, Remis Tattoo, Dublin, Ireland Nikko Hurtado, Black Anchor Collective, Hesperia, USA

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