We remember Notre-Dame de Paris

Within all religion we find art. Some will say art is religion. Architecture has been a source of offering to the Gods for centuries. Massive structures built to worship and to stand high in faith but with these man made offerings only the test of time and the elements can make them fall.

Notre Dame de Paris tattooed by Oozy
Notre Dame de Paris tattooed by Oozy

The gothic cathedral would stand across the Paris skyline for over 800 years. Notre-Dame de Paris, translated to ‘Our lady of Paris’, became a destination of pilgrimage to Roman Catholics and a breath-taking tourist attraction, but as the burning 300ft spire fell to the ground on the 15th of April the hearts of many broke.

The legendary tattoo artist Mark Mahoney paid tribute and posted on his Instagram a picture of him praying at an alter, with a candle lit statue of the Virgin Mary looking down on him, in the cathedral with the post – “I pray for you beloved Notre Dame”.

via Mark Mahoney Instagram
via Mark Mahoney Instagram

A source of muse for millions throughout the decades, from the 1831 Victor Hugo’s novel “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”, to the art, the stained glass rose windows, the symmetrical gothic tower lines and the gargoyles of Notre-dame being depicted throughout all art source marital especially tattoos. We remember Notre-Dame de Paris.

Notre Dame de Paris Notre Dame de Paris

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