Tattoo Gallery: Cartoons

Japanese Manga, legendary Marvel superheroes, characters from fairytales and unforgettable animated movies from Disney, Pixar or the cult Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, as well as magical beings which inhabit the imagination of the artists or their clients.

The creatures in this gallery will bring a smile to your face, taking you back to the days of your childhood. There’s Little Red Riding Hood and Wolverine, Totoro and Sponge Bob, Peg Leg Pete and Batman, so many different takes on what have become contemporary pop icons. An explosion of colour and sardonic creativity and just the right balance between levity and irony to represent the world in which we live.

See our choice for you and find your favourite cartoons tattoo!

Julian Siebert, Corpsepainter Tattoo, Munich, Germany Danny Elliott, Rebel Muse Tattoo, Lewisville, USA Carlos Fabra, Cosa Fina Tattoo, Polinya, Spain Andrea Pennacchia, On The Road, Treviso, Italy Lindsay Baker, NiteOwl Tattoo, Northampton, USA Jordan Croke, Second Skin Tattoo, Derby, UK Tattoo Tom, The Rising Tide, Poole, UK Danny Elliott, Rebel Muse Tattoo, Lewisville, USA Steve Butcher, On The Road, Orewa, New Zealand Kike Esteras, Black Ship Tattoo, Barcelona, Spain Isnard Barbosa, Legendary Tattoo Studio, Dublin, Ireland London Reese, The Black Lantern, Dana Point, USA

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