Tattoo Gallery: Hands

You can do so many things with your hands. You use them to work, pray, play, cook, love and unfortunately, you can hurt with them too. And sometimes you even end up getting them tattooed.

Why? So as to accumulate messages, symbols or drawings that can tell us so much about the person who wears them. And to give the tattoo artist a chance to play around with the three-dimensionality which the gestuality of the hand confers. And finally because to get your hand tattooed is a reason for pride, whatever the tattoo be, because if it is coherent and artistically executed it will reflect something of your deepest self.

See our choice for you and find your favourite hands tattoo!

Josh Woods, Dana Point Tattoo, Orange County, USA Tim Hendricks, Classic Tattoo, Fullerton, USA Chris Primm, The Grand Reaper, San Diego, USA Peter Lagergren, Malmö Classic Tattoo, Malmö, Sweden Steve Butcher, On The Road, Auckland, New Zealand Andres Inkman, Black Ship BCN, Barcelona, Spain Kike Esteras, Black Ship BCN, Barcelona, Spain Robert Borbas, Rooklet Ink, Budapest, Hungary Daniels Bauti, Holy Hand Tattoo, Palma De Mallorca, Spain Jacob Wiman, Malmö Classic Tattoo, Malmö, Sweden Mike Rubendall, Kings Avenue Tattoo, New York, USA Joao Bosco, Sacred Gold Tattoo, London, UK

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