Tattoo Gallery: Back Piece

Back pieces are always surprising, perhaps because this is the largest space on the body that can be offered to a tattoo artist.

The back, like a canvas, is suited to complex, structured compositions and large subjects which flow from the shoulders to the buttocks and can even involve legs and arms. From the better-known Japanese bodysuits to Black and Grey, Realism to Ornamental, Traditional and beyond, this gallery is a triumph of courageous creativity, celebrating this art with unequalled mastery.

See our choice for you and find your favourite back piece tattoo!

Alex Gotza, Dirty Roses, Thessaloniki, Greece Augustine Nezumi, Gimmelove Tattoo, Singapore, Republic Of Singapore Paul Dobleman, Spider Murphy's Tattoo, San Rafael, USA Matt Jordan, Ship Shape Tattoo, Orewa, New Zealand Mario Hartmann, Private Studio, Berlin, Germany Filouino, Sacramela Tattoo, Rankweil, Austria Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Tattoo Shop, Athens, Greece Dillon Forte,The Super Secret Sri Yantra Tattoo Society, Oakland, USA Matthew Gordon, There And Back Again, Bordeaux, France Emily Rose, Murray Private Studio, Melbourne, Australia Greggletron, Atlas Tattoo, Portland, USA Ubler Friedrich, On The Road, Berlin, Germany Valerie Vargas, Modern Classic Tattoo, London, UK Justin Hartman, The Grand Reaper, San Diego, USA Steve Moore, Get Moore Tattoos, Vancouver Island, Canada

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