Tattoo Gallery: Heads

In the contemporary tattoo scene, more and more taboos are falling: few people in the past would have thought about decorating certain parts of the body – such as neck and head – with ink.

But young people nowadays rely on the hands of the most experienced tattoo artists for brave and incredibly spectacular works… Take a look at our new gallery here!

See our choice for you and find your favourite head tattoo!

Yushi, Guru Tattoo, San Diego, USA Neil Dransfield, Heartache And Heartbreak Tattooing, Leeds, UK Joao Bosco, On The Road, Los Angeles, USA Sam Taylor, Melbourne Lettering Tattoos , Melbourne, Australia Mumia, Zoi Tattoo, Copenaghen, Denmark Robert Borbas, Rooklet Ink, Budapest Hungary Francesco Garbuggino, Ink 'N' Roll Tattoo, Genova, Italy Miryam Lumpini, On The Road, Los Angeles, USA Hanumantra Lamar, Un1ty Tattoo, Shrewsbury, UK Maverick Reeve, Progression Tattoo, Adelaide, South Australia Lindsay Baker, NiteOwl Tattoo, Northampton, USA Stu Pagdin, House Of Daggers, Adelaide, Australia

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