Gallery: Cinema Tattoo

Cinema is a true art: its charm has not faded over the years and it retains all of its immortal charm. For many it is an all-consuming passion, something they cannot live without.

In these gallery you will find masterful skin art of great characters and actors – such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Day-Lews, Jim Carrey and more – and unforgettable masterpieces like There Will Be Blood, A Clockwork Orange, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, or cult movies like The Goonies or Back to the Future. What do you think about it?

See our choice for you and find your favourite Cinema tattoo!

Valentina Riabova, On The Road, Saint Petersburg, Russia Stefan Muller, Black Rainbow Tattoo Theatre, Zwickau, Germany Ralf Nonnweiler, No Arts Tattoo, Neunkirchen, Germany Michael Taguet, Private Studio, Saint-Chamond, France Matteo Pasqualin, The Inkers-Tattoo Shop, Porto Viro, Italy Jordan Croke, Second Skin Tattoo, Derby, UK Fulvio Vaccarone, Darkink Tattoo Studio, Garlasco, Italy Debora Cherrys, La Mujer Barbuda, Getafe, Spain Daniel Martos, Demon Tattoo, La Seu D'Urgell, Spain-002 Ben Kaye, Ship Shape Tattoo, Orewa, New Zealand Becca Genné-Bacon, Kings Avenue Tattoo, New York, USA Alvaro Alonso, Malibu Tattoo, Sitges, Spain Aaron Springs, Red Dagger Tattoo, Webster, USA Julian Siebert, Corpsepainter Tattoo, Munich, Germany

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