Gallery: Stomach Tattoos

The stomach is a part of the body to which, understandably, tattoo collectors have given pride of place. It is a position which makes a big impression, highly visible and important but which can also be hidden better than many others.

Often, for this reason, the choice of the piece to be tattooed is the fruit of lengthy reflection and is commissioned as a long term project to the chosen tattooist. And for the tattoo artist this is a part of the body which offers great inspiration, due to the flat work surface, the size of the space and the play of muscles which can be exploited in the layout of the tattoo.

See our choice for you and find your favourite stomach tattoo!

Volko & Simone, Buena Vista Tattoo Club, Würzburg, Germany Alix Ge, Misericorde Tattoo, Sete, France Valerie Vargas, Modern Classic Tattoo, London, UK Toni Donaire, Private Tattoo Studio, Barcelona, Spain Timmy B, NiteOwl Tattoo, Northampton, USA Paul Dobleman, Spider Murphys Tattoo, San Rafael USA Neil Dransfield, Heartache And Heartbreak Tattooing, Leeds, UK Mitchell Allenden, Gold Room Tattoo, Leeds, UK Mads Thill, Ink Link Tattoo, Roskilde, Denmark Luka Lajoie, The Arts Corporation, Montreal, Canada Lucky Luchino, Ondo Tattoo, Barcelona, Spain Evan Olin, Powerline Tattoo, Cranston, USA Justin Hartman, The Grand Reaper, San Diego, USA Jordan Croke, Second Skin Tattoo, Derby UK

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