Our Tattoo Gallery of the Week dedicated to Skulls

Volume and space, heavily inked in black to give three-dimensionality to the shapes. A focus on all that is left of man: the skull.

In tattoo, this effigy is associated above all with reminders of life and death, but also time, the futility of female beauty, how all things fade. The skull is a kind of threshold beyond which we can glimpse something which goes beyond life. One of the most popular subjects in tattoo, it comes in all manner of different styles.

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Adry Sanchez, La Pinta Tattoo, Madrid, Spain Toxyc Xlr, Autopsy Tattoo Studio, Austin, USA Timmy B, NiteOwl Tattoo, Northampton, USA Peter Lagergren, Malmö Classic Tattoo, Malmö, Sweden Mitchell Allenden, Gold Room Tattoo, Leeds, UK Joao Bosco, On The Road, Los Angeles, USA Jacob Gardner, House Of Solace, Coolangatta, Australia Eliot Kohek, Private Studio, Annecy, France Domantas Parvainis, Totemas Tattoo, Siauliai, Lithuania Diogo Nunes, Remis Tattoo, Dublin, Ireland Augustine Nezumi, Gimmelove Tattoo, Singapore, Republic Of Singapore Alex Pancho, Pancho Tattoo, Gorinchem, Netherlands Alan Ferioli, Stay Gold Tattoo, Reggio Emilia, Italy Michael Taguet, Private Studio, Saint-Chamond, France

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