Rest in Power

He was well known for his powerful Lettering, done with the heart, with a brilliant reinterpretation of graffiti.

He was Eric Rosenbaum, but everybody knows him as Norm, the owner of the Love Letter Tattoo in Los Angeles, a tattoo legend.

Tattoo by Eric Rosenbaum
Tattoo by Eric Rosenbaum

He was an artist, a graffiti writer first and then, for the past nine years he has been a great tattoo artist who loved the rock and roll life. He died yesterday, October 11, 2019 and his sudden death was a real shock for all of us.

Tattoo by Eric Rosenbaum Tattoo by Eric Rosenbaum Tattoo by Eric Rosenbaum

First of all because he was a friend, a humble guy, who left his mark on everybody who was so lucky to meet him. We want to imagine him now, wherever he is, smiling, with a tattoo machine in his hand, listening to music… exactly as we used to see him in this world.

RIP Norm, you left an indelible mark on me and on all of us.
Miki Vialletto

 Eric Rosenbaum
Eric Rosenbaum

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