Traditional Style Tattoos

The tattoo art is linked with the unmistakable iconography that became so popular during the 1950s (but even earlier!) in some parts of America and then spread to Europe: the so called traditional style! You surely do know what we’re talking about.

Traditional is a clear, easy-to-read style which occupies a major space in the history of tattoo, giving rise to its derivations and continually enriched by shapes and stylistic features.

Paul Dobleman, Spider Murphys Tattoo, San Rafael, USA
Paul Dobleman, Spider Murphys Tattoo, San Rafael, USA

The most well-known and best loved subjects of the Traditional Style are daggers, roses, tigers, panthers, eagles, and snakes, but also sweet women faces, hearts and lettering, sexy pin-ups, vessels… and many more.

Take a look at our selection of tattoos to celebrate together the “Traditional Style week”!

Xam, Seven Doors Tattoo, London, UK Miss Arianna, Skinwear Tattoo, Rimini, Italy Paul Dobleman, Spider Murphys Tattoo, San Rafael, USA Tony Nilsson, Blue Arms Tattoo, Oslo, Norway Greggletron, Atlas Tattoo, Portland, USA Steve Wood, Sacred Tattoo NZ, Auckland, New Zealand-008 Matt Howse, Full Circle Tattoo, San Diego, USA Ben Grillo, American Tattoo, Vista, USA Herb Auerbach, California Electric Tattoo, Soquel, USA Lango Oliveira, Black Heart Tattoo, San Francisco, USA Javier Rodriguez, LTW, Barcelona, Spain Samuele Briganti, Bold Will Hold, Florence, Italy

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