Florence Tattoo Convention 2019

The twelfth edition of the Florence convention was held this year from 8th to 10th November.

Over 300 internationally renowned tattoo artists, including a selection of masters of manual tattoo, crowded the halls of Fortezza da Basso. Alongside them, individual artists and collectives were busy tattooing for the entire duration of the event and there was also a photography exhibition.

Julian Siebert, Corpsepainter, Munich, Germany
Julian Siebert, Corpsepainter, Munich, Germany

International tattooists included: Randy Engelhard, Robert Hernandez, Dmitry Babakhin, Colin Dale, Julian Siebert (who won Best of Show) and the historic artist Doc Price who was hard at work at his stand and on the jury. His presence at the event is the proof of the organisers’ intentions to invite ever more tattoo legends (last year in Florence we were privileged to shake the hand of the great Lyle Tuttle).

Historic Italian artists included Rudy Fritsch, Davide Andreoli, Stizzo, Pepe, Zuno, Pablo De, Morg, the guys from Burra Tinta, Ivano Natale, Elmo, Gallo and Geno from Twilight, among others.

Filippo Bart, Gipsy Caravan Tattoo Society, Bologna, Italy Simone Matulli, La bottega di Simone Matulli, Florence, Italy Davide Calzoni, Invisibile Tears Tattoo, Brescia, Italy Effedots, Nerofumo Tattoo Studio, Republic of San Marino Francesco Landolfi, Inkimmersion Tattoo Studio, Caserta, Italy Florence Tattoo Convention 2019

Onstage there was entertainment for the public, music, shows and contests, but also interesting talks – one on the history of tattoo given by Paolo Macchia (in collaboration with Pisa University Press), another on ritual in tattoo and its “sociobiological” perspective presented by Leticia Molera Vasquez, and finally one on Loreto devotional tattoos and the Christian and Coptic tattoo of Jerusalem by Jonatal Carducci and Wassim Razzouk.

To find out more read the interview with the convention organisers in the next number of Tattoo Life! In the meantime, we will leave you with our selection of photos taken by Mario Teli.

Mattia Lotti, La Burra Tinta, Firenze Kristi Dope, Kristi Tattoo, Bra, Italy Enrico NIcoli, Horien Tattoo,, La Spezia, Italy Alessio Carradori, Murran Billi Tattoo, Montecatini, Italy (1st Best Realistic) Gianluca Martucci, Nerofumo Tattoo Studio, Republic of San Marino Fabio Filippone, Fabio Filippone Tattoo, Aosta, Italy Vittorio Mustacchio, Boss Hog Tattoo Shop, Eboli, Italy Michel Barberio, Art Tattoo Studio, Viterbo, Italy Isra De Marcos, De Marcos Tattoo, Castellon, Spain Orient Jehoo, Posh Needle, Busan, South Korea
For news about the dates for next year: www.florencetattooconvention.com

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