Oysters and Pearls Tattoos: the perfect combination

Some get them tattooed and leave the tattooist complete freedom in choosing the style. But others dream about them and have lots of ideas of their own. Let’s find out more…

In dreams, the oyster (and consequently its most precious fruit, the pearl), is a clear symbol of the feminine and often associated with a sexual dynamic.

Aaron Springs, Red Dagger Tattoo, Webster, USA
Aaron Springs, Red Dagger Tattoo, Webster, USA

In the same way, a dream about finding a pearl inside an oyster (or going fishing for oysters in search of one) represents a symbolic desire for a connection with the inner qualities which each of us possesses. Or generally speaking, refers to the beauty and riches that anyone can find within or around themselves.

Sigmund Freud and his disciples have always seen the oyster as a symbol associated with the vagina. So that anything we do in relation to that sea creature seems to be imbued with profound sexual significance.

Drew, Unity Tattoo, Vancouver, Canada
Drew, Unity Tattoo, Vancouver, Canada

Certainly, its shape and contents give any oyster resting on the seabed more than a passing resemblance to seashells (another great female archetype). However, in the collective imagination, this mollusc can clearly be associated with a number of elements which would mean that our dream is open to a number of different psychological interpretations.

It is a simple fact that no one can envision an oyster without also thinking of the pearl slowly growing inside, day by day, year after year.

Wolf Drawn, Rockwell Tattoo, Madison, USA
Wolf Drawn, Rockwell Tattoo, Madison, USA

The oyster therefore is the perfect environment for keeping such a precious jewel safe, allowing it to form and develop in its own time. That is why a dream about an oyster with a pearl is a clear metaphor of riches and wisdom. All things the dreamer knows they have within themselves but which they have an urgent need to rediscover.

Oyster and pearl, in their indissoluble union, also stand for something marvellous and fundamental which can be attained through a process of discovery.

A something which is not immediately visible, but which we all, deep down, know is there. Something which grows slowly just like the joy of sex, orgasm included. Just to get back to Freud for a moment.

Will Taylor Barbour-Brown, Blue Dragon Tattoo, Brighton, UK
Will Taylor Barbour-Brown, Blue Dragon Tattoo, Brighton, UK

In western culture, oysters are early sought for and fished as a prized food (and an expensive one at that) believed to have aphrodisiac effects, even though the flavour is not to the taste of all.

So symbolically speaking, dreaming of eating oysters can mean either a wish for a relationship to begin or a desire for physical intimacy and satisfaction (the orgasm mentioned above); or else, in a more spiritual sense, a yearning for discovery. Discovery (within ourselves or around us) of new feelings, qualities and concrete actions which need to be explored and manifested.

Jen Maw, Jen Jen's Tattoo Studio, South Shields, UK
Jen Maw, Jen Jen’s Tattoo Studio, South Shields, UK

On the other hand, dreaming about eating oysters in company is a way of shifting our attention from our own cumbersome ego to another person who is important to us. To fully understand not only their visible qualities but also those more precious hidden ones. It is a grand dream image which refers to the beginning of a sexual relationship but also a great love about to bloom. Not to mention the possibility of a welcome pregnancy on the way.

So if you’ve been won over by our theories about the dream meanings of oysters and pearls, now it’s time to move on and take a look at all these tattoos inspired by this fascinating combination!

Vil, Sacred Gold Tattoo, London, UK Shannon Wages, Sage & Serpent Tattoo, Nashville, USA Pat Crump, The Butcher Tattoo, Savannah, USA Sami Locke, Whiskey Lane Tattoo, Gold Coast, Australia Ilaria Vigliercio, Black Garden Tattoo, London, UK Rick Tattoo, SCM Tattoo, London, UK Megan Rose, Reflection Tattoo, Fountain Valley, USA Miss Poppy, MissPoppy Tattoo Parlour, Heerlen, The Netherlands Dyem, Malibu Tattoo Studio, Barcelona, Spain

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