Postcard from Guen Douglas

Tattoos by Guen Douglas are unmistakable: brilliant colour, technically impeccable, full of grace and irony.

This British-French Candian tattoo artist who now works in Berlin has created a particular style which she defines as «bold, illustrative, and heavily influenced by American Traditional. One could say that it’s a spectrum, from very Fine Line, Illustrative, and sometimes Comic book inspired, to straight up American Traditional». (Read the interview here)

Guen Douglas, Taiko Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Guen Douglas, Taiko Gallery, Berlin, Germany

She finds her inspiration everywhere! The idea of her digital ebook “Pretty Handy” (View now on came because she I wanted to make something useful as well as universally appealing to tattooers (and illustrator/designers): «I wanted to make something that could be an easy to use go-to in a pinch, good for conventions or street shops but equally useful for people doing custom work that struggle with finding the right hand position for a design».

Take a look at this video, where she talks about “Pretty Handy – Guilt-Free Line Drawings for Artists” and explains how to use the eBook as reference for your tattoos!

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