Dan Lane: Natural Industrial Art

His creations impress anyone who looks at them, because there’s something alive and metallic about them at the same time, which strikes and fascinates the viewer.

They are linked to man, to the classic tradition of art, and also to tattoos, in many cases. However it isn’t the classical aspect which makes Dan Lane’s sculptures unique but rather the materials he uses, with a plasticity made from resin, metals, and anything industrial that he chooses to include in his creations.

Dan Lane Dan Lane

«I take influences from a number of different sources, including nature, fashion, music, modern culture, tattoo art and certain Baroque classical artists, like Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Michelangelo.

Dan Lane
Dan Lane

I’ve been creating tattoo-based sculptures for a few years now. I call that series of work “Modern Relic”. It started when I visited Venice a few years back and saw some amazing classical marble sculptures.

Dan Lane Dan Lane Dan Lane Dan Lane

I thought about how those artists from hundreds of years ago would sculpt the human form now, based on the fact that we do lots of things with our bodies to make them unique – like tattoos and piercings. I started creating sculptures that looked like aged classical pieces and added carved and sculpted tattoos on them, giving them a modern vibe. The tattoos in these works are not painted on, they are 3D and textured.» (Dan Lane)

Dan Lane

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